R.I.P. 2020: Universal Spiritual Renewal Through Noise Funeral Rebirth in Boris and Merzbow's '2R0I2P0' Section Reviews


Luca Proietti


In a world interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, our society will never be the same as before and there is a sense that change is necessary in order to overcome the crisis. This feeling is grappled with and explored by the experimental rock band Boris in collaboration with noise artist Merzbow, who invite us to erect a tombstone to the year 2020 and to be reborn through sonic spirituality. This review analyses the collaboration album 2R0I2P0 by highlighting how the Japanese artists direct the listener to explore their inner self. They suggest that rebirth from the emergency can happen only by creating a link between the natural and the industrial world to rediscover a sense of purity.


Author Biography

Luca Proietti, SOAS University of London

Former theatre actor, writer, and director, as well as music lover, Luca Proietti achieved a BA in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Sapienza University of Rome and an MA in Japanese Studies at SOAS University of Rome. He is currently a PhD Candidate at SOAS with a research project on Japanese noise music and its connection with Edo era kabuki and ikki supported by SOAS Japan Research Centre (JRC).