Carlo Crivelli: a strategy for the Marche rebirth


Benedetta Castagna


Carlo Crivelli’s work is dispersed around the world, but significant examples remain in the Italian region of the Marche. This article analyses the benefit of a collaborative approach between Crivelli’s exhibitions in the Marche to propose strategies that would follow a place-based approach and increase the attractiveness of cities and villages where Crivelli’s artworks are displayed. The paper analyses two case studies presenting different approaches to the Crivelli’s art works: the Museum of St Francis displaying the Triptych of Montefiore dell’Aso, and the Church of St. Martin Bishop exhibiting the Polyptych of Monte San Martino in the original location.


Author Biography

Benedetta Castagna, University of Kent

Benedetta Castagna is a PhD candidate in Architecture and Planning at the University of Kent. She researches on regeneration strategies, based on a culture-led approach and applied to areas facing depopulation in the Marche region, Italy. She holds a M.Sc (with distinction) from the University of Ancona.