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James L. Broun


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Author Biography

James L. Broun, University of Sussex

James Broun was the Senior Editor of Brief Encounters for its fourth issue (2019–20). A PhD candidate at the University of Sussex, his research examines the formation of middle-class networks, identities and cultures on English private housing estates since the 1970s. He published his first article in Contemporary British History (Taylor & Francis) in January 2020. Before arriving at Sussex, James completed a BA in history and politics at Brasenose College, Oxford, and an MRes in history at King's College London. During his undergraduate degree, he spent a year writing for The Oxford Student newspaper, including a term as its Deputy Editor; and while at King's, he was an outreach ambassador. When not studying, James enjoys exploring London, trying to cook and researching obscure historical subjects. Click here to see his University of Sussex profile.