Theodoros Chiotis’s Atemporal Crossroads: A Review of limit.less_an assembly of the sick


Dylan Williams


A review of Theodoros Chiotis's new poem limit.less_an assembly of the sick, published by Litmus in 2017.


Author Biography

Dylan Williams, Curatorial intern at Charleston Farmhouse (2017). MA Art History & Museum Curating, University of Sussex (2016)

I'm a curator and art historian curently working with the Reeves Archive on an exhibition 'From Suffrage to Cizitenship' about suffragettes in Lewes (due December 2018). Other research interests include Modernism, and the relationship between Britain and India, particularly the careers of colonial-era art teachers John Lockwood Kipling and Ram Singh. As curator of contemporary art at Pelham House Lewes, I created Art Map Lewes @artmaplewes to promote local galleries.  I tweet @quireart


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